Endgame Decade 9/11: Muslim Profiling at Airports

Endgame Decade 9/11: Muslim Profiling at Airports

The following is a list of famous Muslim people from around the world, who were stopped in the decade following 9/11 due to increased security profiling of Muslims. They are just famous examples of millions of people around the world stopped because of the colour of their skin or perceived religious affiliation.

By Profession

What do a former President, Minister, 3 actors, 2 singers, a comedian, a boxer and an educator have in common? All are famous Muslims who stopped at airports after 9/11.

By Name

What do 4 Khans, 3 Yusufs, an Ahmed, Abdul and Malik have in common? All are the names of famous Muslims stopped at airports for security checks after 9/11.

By Nationalities

What do 4 Indians, 3 Americans and 3 British citizens have in common? All are the nationalities of famous Muslims stopped at airports after 9/11.

By Ethnic Origin

What do 6 Indo-Pakistanis, a Greek Cypriot, Azeri, Egyptian and American have in common?  All are the ethnic origins of famous Muslims stopped at airports after 9/11.

By Predicament

What do some of the world’s most famous Muslims have in common with most of the world’s population? Despite fame and Google.com, they’ve been stopped at airports after 9/11.

1. Aamir Khan, Actor, India

May 2002 – Detained and strip-searched at Chicago Airport, USA


2. Yusuf Islam, Singer and Educator, UK

September 2004 – Detained then deported to UK after plane enroute from London, UK to Washington, USA is diverted to Maine Airport, USA


3. Hamza Yusuf, Director, Zaytuna Institute, USA

December 2004 – Interrogated by US Customs at Toronto Airport, Canada


4. Shahid Malik, former Cabinet Minister, UK

November 2006 and October 2007 – Detained at New York Airport, USA and again at Washington Airport, USA


5. Sami Yusuf, Singer, UK

August 2006 – Stopped at Houston Airport, USA


6. Irrfan Khan, Actor, India

February 2008 – Detained for questioning at Los Angeles Airport, USA


7. Abdul Kalam, former President, India

July 2009 – Frisked / patted down for security by employees of US airlines, Delhi International Airport, India


8. Shahrukh Khan, Actor, India

August 2009 – Detained and questioned at Newark Airport, USA


9. Ahmed Ahmed, Comedian, USA

September 2010 – Detained at Gatwick Airport, UK


10. Amir Khan, Boxer, UK

May 2011 – Detained at Los Angeles Airport, USA and on previous visits