Ihsanic Reflections on 1433 / 2012

London, UK: Global Islamic think-tank Ihsanic Intelligence (I-I) has released its review for its activities in 1433/ 2012.

On February 4 2012, marking 12 Rabi al-Awwal 1433, I-I published ‘Here Lies Earth’s Greatest Hero’, about the Prophet Muhammad’s resting abode in Madinah, in reference to the world’s real Superman.


On 18 August 2012, to mark Eid al-Fitr 1433, I-I published five photographic essays, including:

‘Convention vs Conviction’, about the Makkah Summit during Ramadan 1433


‘Fire Vs Light’, about the 2012 Olympics in London and Ramadan in Makkah 1433


‘The Tower of The Hour’ about the skyscraper phenomenon in Makkah


‘Inside the Rawda’, a world exclusive look inside the resting abode of Prophet Muhammad


‘Inside the Sacred Zeniths’, a world exclusive look inside the two holiest places in Islam


On 26 August 2012, I-I published ‘The Great Lunar Leap and The Lodge’, revealing the true story of Man’s first landing on the moon as well as Islam’s perspective on space travel from the 7th century.



On 16 October 2012, one day before the month of Hajj, I-I highlighted ‘Saudi Succession: The Battle to be King’, exploring the perspective of anonymous Twitter account @mujtahidd on succession in Saudi Arabia.


On 17 October 2012, the first of Dhul Hijjah 1433, I-I published ‘The Five Heralds’, about signs of forthcoming leadership in the Islamic world.


On 29 November 2012, I-I highlighted ‘The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2012’, the annual survey of the world’s most powerful Muslims according to the The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Jordan.


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