Ihsanic Reflections on 1434 / 2013

London, UK: Global Islamic think-tank Ihsanic Intelligence (I-I) has released its review for its activities in 1434/ 2013.

On January 24 2013, marking 12 Rabi al-Awwal 1434, the 1478th Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, I-I published ‘HERO’, about the Prophet Muhammad’s ultimate heroic qualities.


On 14 March 2013, I-I thanked Sheikh Ali Gomaa for his role as Mufti of Egypt and Pope Benedict XVI as the Pope and congratulated the new Mufti of Egypt, Shawki Ibrahim, and the new Pope, Pope Francis


On 22 March 2013, I-I announced the martyrdom inshallah of Sheikh Ramadan al-Bouti in Syria:


On 7 Jumada al-Thani 1434, I-I celebrated the governance of Prophet Muhammad in Madinah:


On 4 May 1434, I-I publishes defense of Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad from media attacks in the UK based on his convictions:


On 6 June 2013, I-I publishes that Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey, the only leader from top 7 Muslim influential leaders in 2011 who expressed support for the Arab Revolt, now experiences a revolt in Taksim Square, Turkey:


On 24 June 2013, I-I publishes that Sheikh Tamim of Qatar becomes the first Millenial ruler in the Arab and Islamic world at the age of 33, following abdication of his father Sheikh Hamad:


On 3 July 2013, I-I publishes that Egypt through popular protest removes its first democratically elected preside https://twitter.com/Ihsanic/status/352535451745259520nt in favour of military rule, with backing of Al-Azhar and Coptic Church, since 1952:


On 7 August 2013, I-I publishes that on the last Friday of Ramadan 1434, it rains in central Makkah over the Haram, overflowing the mizab of the Ka’aba:


On 29 August 2013, I-I publishes that the West is on the brink of military strike on Syria following chemical attack (which it eventually pulls back from):


On 3 November 2013, to mark the 1 Muharram 1435 and the New Islamic Year 1435, I-I published the photographic essay, ‘Lifetime’:


On 27 November 2013, I-I highlighted ‘The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2013’, the annual survey of the world’s most powerful Muslims according to the The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Jordan.


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